How to Read Your Team Reflection Report

Teams develop best when they have self-awareness. The Team Reflection can help your team develop this self-awareness and understanding required for growth.

Now that you have the report, read it carefully and think about it. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  • What themes emerge from the report?

  • Does anything in the report surprise me?

  • How does my view of the team compare with the views of my teammates?

  • Given what I learned about my team, how would I like to see it develop?

When everyone on the team has read the report, you should all discuss it, either in person or online. To make the most of the Team Reflection exercise, we suggest that you hold this discussion as you prepare a Team Development Plan. With a Team Development Plan, your team can identify a group development objective and establish practice activities for achieving it.

For guidance on how to discuss the Team Reflection and set up a Team Development Plan, please see our Team Development Plan playbook.