Leadership Competencies

Intellectual Quality

Lead with Vision

Engages, motivates and inspires others to work together towards shared goals, providing direction and purpose, and demonstrating intellectual flexibility in perspective taking.

Drive Innovation and Change

Takes the lead in generating innovative ideas that translate to practical gains, through strong analytical ability, and a deep appreciation of reality and business needs in the context of change.



Interpersonal Quality    

Build Relationships

Develops collaborative relationships through communication, consultation and networking, engaging with colleagues, customers and stakeholders across departmental and organisational boundaries.

Develop People

Builds organisational capability through empowerment, developing a learning climate, building engaged teams, and balancing constructive challenges with support for development.



Result Quality    

Achieve Results

Builds a high-performance, results-oriented culture, focusing on organisational and shareholders interest.

Personal Effectiveness

Demonstrates self-mastery, with self-awareness and commitment to continuous development.