Top 5 Tips to Having a Successful Mentoring Relationship


Whether you’re a seasoned mentor or a first-timer, these 5 tips for a successful mentoring relationship will be applicable and useful.


1. Start right

Begin with the end in mind. How does your mentee view and measure success? This might not be clear at first, so you both might need to discuss and flesh things out. Setting the right expectations is crucial, and coming to a compromise is good when your convictions and circumstances pull you in opposite directions.


2. Listen

Listen with an intent to understand, and not with the intent to reply. Listen with an open mind and an open heart. Listen without judgement. Don’t assume. Don’t jump to conclusions. Listen positively.


3. Honor boundaries, limitations and, most importantly, differences

Yours and your mentee’s. It’s acceptable to tell your mentee that something might be a stretch for you. There may be contacts and networks you cannot share, information you cannot divulge, and topics you cannot discuss. And that’s okay.

Moreover, honor and respect differences. Each mentee - and their corresponding relationship - is different.


4. Empower

Pave the way for analysis and problem-solving. Encourage your mentee to ask questions to point them in the right direction. Celebrate their victories. When they get stuck, be the voice of clarity and reason. Your role is to be their wings, not their crutch.


5. Promote and practice integrity in all that you do

Mentoring has its challenges. But if you act with integrity, you will give your relationship a strong foundation. When mentors and mentees practice integrity and focus on getting the job done, mentoring can be genuinely rewarding.