Tips for Meeting your Mentor for the First Time


Meeting your mentor for the first time is exciting, but it can also be nerve-wracking. You clearly want to start off on the right foot, as this person will be guiding and advising you in your development journey.

Here are some simple tips for your first mentorship meeting.


1. Come prepared

Revisit your reasons for seeking out a mentor. Reacquaint yourself with your objectives and picture what success looks like for you. Be ready to articulate these. Be ready to answer questions, as well. You may have already explained your needs, but your mentor may want further clarification.


2. Set guidelines

How often should you and your mentor meet? How do you touch base? How will you communicate?

Be honest about what works for you and set guidelines together with a win-win mindset. Be forthcoming but flexible. Mentorship is a give-and-take relationship.


3. Commitment is key

Once you and your mentor have agreed on guidelines, set your mind to commit to them. Set your mind to honor your promises and take responsibility for your growth. Verbalize these to your mentor. Hearing yourself say these commitments out loud will give them more weight and will compel you to follow through.


4. Be your best self!

You’ve taken a bold and great step towards personal development by seeking out the assistance of a mentor. Now make the most out of your mentoring experience by keeping an open mind, holding yourself accountable for your growth, and learning as much as you can! You’re on your way!