What is a Team Reflection?


The Team Reflection allows team members to

  1. Think about their team’s performance

  2. Discover how other team members view the team

To complete the Team Reflection, team members answer text-based questions about their team as a whole. Team Reflection questions are provided by Grow, but you can also add your own questions.


Why is a Team Reflection valuable?

If teams want to develop, they need self-awareness. The Team Reflection helps teams to develop this self-awareness and understanding required for growth.


The Team Reflection allows team members to

  1. Identify their own views of their team’s performance

  2. Understand the views of their teammates

  3. Launch a discussion within the team about team performance

  4. Recognize team strengths and improvement areas

  5. Set collective development goals


How do you complete a Team Reflection?

  1. The team administrator accesses the Team Reflection within their Grow account and clicks Get Started. This will open the Team Reflection form.

  2. The team administrator sets up the Team Reflection and launches it. This involves:

    1. Reviewing the questions provided by Grow

    2. Adding customized questions questions if desired

    3. Confirming the list of team members

    4. Setting the deadline date for team members to respond

    5. Deciding if responses should remain anonymous

  3. All team members will receive an email inviting them to answer the Team Reflection questions by the deadline date. The email includes a link to the questions online. Team members will receive a reminder to do the Team Reflection X days before the deadline.

  4. On the deadline date, each team member receives an email with a link to the Team Reflection report. If the team administrator chose to make the responses anonymous, the Team Reflection report will only be available if at least 3 team members provide responses.