When it is done right, personal development can be immensely beneficial for your personal and professional growth.

Grow's approach to personal development is grounded in and inspired by the latest research and current practice in psychology, neuroscience and leadership studies.

Why personal development?

Personal development is the process of becoming the person that you want to be and are capable of being. When you develop as a person, you are better able to take charge, meet your personal needs and achieve your ambitions.

Studies have shown that personal growth can lead to better engagement and performance at work and greater life satisfaction.

How do you develop as a person?

By making a personal commitment - The drive for personal growth can only come from you. You should turn to others for help, but ultimately you will develop because you want to extend yourself. You will set the direction.

By practicing awareness and openness - When you develop, you become more self-aware. You acquire a deeper understanding of who you are and you are better able to see your own growth possibilities. Development also involves becoming more socially aware, engaging with others and seeking regular feedback.

By trying out new ways of being - Developing yourself means addressing deeply engrained habits. These behavior patterns may have served you well in the past but now they are holding you back. You can change your habits by experimenting with other ways of behaving. Studies have shown that our willpower by itself is limited and that its gains are usually quickly lost. It is important that you want to change, but you also need to practice change. Overcoming deeply rooted habits requires patience and ongoing effort.

What is Grow's approach to personal development

At Grow we believe that your personal development outlook should be viewed realistically but framed positively. Where others may see weaknesses, we see development opportunities.

Grow helps you to figure out where you want to go and how to get there. Grow wants you to:

  • Recognize your strengths and identify ones you can enhance even further.
  • Identify behaviors that you may want to change.

Grow helps you to set your personal development goals and achieve them by giving you:

  • An opportunity to get feedback from those who know you
  • Helpful resources that address your specific development interests
  • Access to qualified coaches who can guide you in your development journey

Through attention and sustained effort, you can gradually become the person that you envision yourself becoming.