Microsoft Leadership Principles

To Create Clarity

  • Synthesize the complex – thinking about how to lift up everyday demands to achieve a clear vision for your work and what you ask of others.
  • Define a course of action – thinking about how to provide a sense of direction for others even in the face of ambiguity.
  • Ensure shared understanding – thinking about how to communicate generously to ensure alignment with others.

To Generate Energy

  • Inspire optimism, creativity, and growth – thinking about what inspires you about your work, and how to tap into that energy to inspire others.
  • Create an environment where everyone does their best work – thinking about incorporating inclusive behaviors into your leadership approach.
  • Build organizations that are stronger tomorrow than today – making sure our actions are aligned with the goals of the broader organization and Microsoft’s direction.

To Deliver Success

  • Drive innovation that people love – thinking about drawing from new sources of information to come up with new and big ideas.
  • Be boundary-less in seeking solutions – how to breakthrough the impasse, taking a step back to see the forest from the trees.
  • Tenaciously pursue the right outcomes – how to not confuse activity with results, helping others be productive without sacrificing quality.