What is a Team Development Plan?

When your team does a Team Development Plan, you and your teammates

a. Choose a development objective that you can pursue as a team

b. Identify practice activities that will help you achieve your team development objective

To complete the Team Development Plan, your team must have a discussion, either in person or online. The goal of the discussion is to learn more from each other about your team and to identify ways in which your team can grow. Grow provides guidelines to help teams start this discussion and set up a Team Development Plan.


Why is a Team Development Plan valuable?

A Team Development Plan is a blueprint created by you and your team to guide your growth. Here is how it can help your team develop.

i. Your team converges around an objective

To grow effectively, you and your team must decide how you want to develop. Different team members will have different ideas and opinions. By doing a development plan, you and your team can focus on one clear objective and coordinate your efforts to achieve it. This clear objective will help motivate team members to strive for better performance.

ii. Your team knows how to take action

The Team Development Plan helps team members understand how to pursue the team objective. As part of the plan, you and your team members will identify activities that will lead you toward your objective. You can then all take specific, measurable steps to achieve your objective by practicing these activities over a period of weeks or months.

iii. Your team can share learning

As you practice the activities you have chosen, you can reflect on your progress by recording and assessing your experiences in the Grow app. This will increase your learning and allow you to make adjustments to your plan as you go.

How do you complete a Team Development Plan?

To do a Team Development Plan, team members must discuss the plan, either in person or online. Here are steps you can follow to complete it.

  1. Team members congregate either physically or virtually to discuss.

  2. The team administrator accesses the Team Development Plan within their Grow account and clicks Get Started. This will open up the Team Development Plan form.

  3. The team holds a discussion to complete the Team Development Plan. This may include discussion of the Team Reflection report, team strengths and areas of development,  team development objectives, etc. To facilitate this discussion, team leaders can consult our guide.

  4. During or after the discussion, the team administrator or another team member inputs the team development objective and practice activities in the Team Development Plan form and clicks Submit.

  5. When the Team Development Plan is completed, all team members will be able to view the plan from within their Grow accounts.