Individual and Team Development Plan

Empowers the creation of robust development plans tailored to specific improvement points

Individuals and teams who work on a Grow Development Plan are able to

  • Choose a development objective that they can pursue individually and as a team

  • Identify practice activities that will help them achieve their development objective


Why is a Development Plan valuable?

If you and your team want to develop, you need self-awareness. The Grow tools help you to develop this self-awareness and understanding required for growth.

A Grow Development Plan is a blueprint created by you and your team to guide your growth. Here is how it can help you develop.

1. A development objective can motivate you and your team

To grow effectively, you must decide how you want to develop. By doing a development plan, you can focus on a clear objective that can inspire you to strive for better performance.

2. You know how to take action

The Development Plan helps you break down and understand how to pursue your objective.

3. You can learn

As you practice the activities you have chosen, you can reflect on your progress by recording and assessing your experiences. This will increase your learning and allow you to make adjustments to your plan as you go.