How To Be A Better Coach At Work

A mentor once taught me the value of team spirit and how with the right culture and an exciting vision, a team of "average" skill can achieve exceptional results. He showed me the importance of having regular conversations with team members to build a culture of trust, create accountability, and encourage risk-taking. To this day, I strive to always be the kind of leader who brings out the best in my team.

How To Turn Smart People Into A Smart Team

“I hired the best people, but they don’t get along. Nearly all their delays and mistakes could have been avoided if they just communicated or coordinated better. I don’t know if they’re just stubborn or if they really don’t like each other. Either way, it’s frustrating! Since they can’t work well together, I have to constantly troubleshoot and act like a bridge. I have more important things to do!”

5 Qualities of Team Leaders that Inspire Determination and Execution

Leadership is now a team sport. According to Deloitte’s 2017 Global Human Capital Trends Report, more companies are organizing themselves around highly empowered “networks of teams” who can respond quickly and drive innovation. Only 26% of large companies (over 5,000 employees) are functionally organized, and only 14% of executives still believe that hierarchical job levels are effective.